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BST Preservation Management & Associates Inc.

Professionalism & Experience makes the difference!!!!!!!
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BST Preservation Mgmt offers complete property preservation services for pre-foreclosure, vacant, and REO properties. We specialize in working with National Vendor Servicers and Real Estate companies across the Florida and have teams in place to meet all of your needs. With decades of experience in the real estate business, we can assist you in protecting your assets by maximizing the use of our preservation services.

Considered a leader in Preservation services,  BST Preservation Mgmt is bringing “Values & Quality of work done for our clients.” We know what it takes to make YOU successful and are committed to providing a level of service unparalleled to our competition. Simply put, our success is directly attributed to YOUR success. In a field with so much fragmentation and inconsistency, it’s nice to know you can count on BST Preservation Mgmt for all your preservation needs! 

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Our mission is to serve our clients with the highest level of customer service and professionalism, and by doing so, "Preserve our neighborhood for tomorrow" thus helping ensure the integrity of our communities.


1.     Customized Services. Our services are customized according to the customers’ needs. There is no one form fit all. Instead, we develop a customized plan for each client that addresses the individual requirements and needs. 
2.     Excellent customer service and quick turnaround time.  We only work with professionals who share our business goals – “Customers Come First.”
We are local based. We can’t afford to loss any customer.
3.     Reasonable service fees. Price flexibility is one aspect that set us apart from the rest. We work with our clients because building relationships leads to retention of clients; retention leads to continuous flow of revenue. 

Company Name:  
BST Preservation Mgmt & Associates Inc.

Phone number: 305-558-0764